Australian Law Group’s experienced estate planning lawyers in Brisbane, other areas in QLD and NSW can help you with:
  • Drafting Wills and Power of attorney’s;
  • Estate planning Lawyers;
  • Estate lawyers;
  • Estate legal advice;
  • Testamentary trusts;
  • Distributing estates;
  • Applying for probate or administration of a Will;
  • Estate distributions;
  • Application for adjustment of amount under an unfair Will;
  • Will dispute

At a time of sadness and stress you need estate planning lawyers who can make the process of will and estate distribution as stress free as possible or if you need some estate planning advice you can put your trust in Australian Law Group with some solicitors with over 30 years’ experience.

If you are an executor of a will and want to ensure your duties are fully complied with, a beneficiary under the will or just need some advice on whether the will is fair in the eyes of the law, Australian Law Group’s wills and estates lawyers can assist. If you are an executor of a will you do not have to get the solicitor who drafted the will to administer the estate. This can be handled by Australian Law Group and our experienced estate lawyers.

As you come to retirement or just starting to acquire assets estate planning becomes a more important aspect of your life. Do not leave it to chance, as, if you fail to plan your estate, serious consequences can eventuate and cause family disputes upon your passing.

Australian Law Group can assist in providing advice on your will or estate of someone that has recently passed away.

There are strict timeframes for bringing certain claims or distributing the estate. If you need legal advice from qualified estate planning lawyers, please contact us promptly to avoid making the process more difficult due to the strict timeframes not being complied with.

In certain cases we can arrange for payment of fees at the end of the estate distribution rather than upfront to ease the burden.

Contact us on 1300 658 215 or email your enquiry to the managing director justinp@alglawyers.com.au. so we can arrange for one of our experienced wills and estates lawyers in Brisbane, or in other areas of QLD and NSW to assist.