No Win No Fee Lawyers QLD and NSW

Australian Law Group offers no win no fee lawyer’s or no wins no fee solicitors in QLD and NSW for services in certain matters.

Some of the relevant factors Australian Law Group will consider in deciding whether to take a case on a no win no fee are as follows:

  • The type of legal problem;
  • If your claim has reasonable prospects of success;
  • You are aware of the costs of running your no win no fee lawyers case and if you are unsuccessful you may have to pay the other sides costs;
  • If you are unsuccessful in your no win no fee lawyers case and the person, business, insurer or employer at fault has funds to pay damages and if the Court or Tribunal orders them to pays all your costs;
  • Australian Law Group will charge an uplift fee of 25% on a no win no fee lawyers matter. Given our hourly rates are very competitive and we take the risk of not being paid as it is no win no fee matter we are of the opinion this is reasonable.

Australian Law Group will act honestly and openly ensuring that you are kept informed of your no win no fee lawyers claim while providing advice and assistance on the further steps to take. A client of Australian Law Group, Eddie from Brisbane said we “went above and beyond the call of duty”.

Australian Law Group has just as much to benefit in obtaining a great result for you as you do. So you can be rest assured that 100% effort is being put into your no win no fee case.

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