Litigation and Disputes

  • Building and Construction disputes;
  • Property disputes;
  • Debt claims;
  • Estate & Will disputes;
  • Recovery of unpaid debts;
  • Commercial disputes;
  • Negligence claims;
  • Superannuation injury lawyers;
  • Partnership or Shareholder disputes;
  • Contractual disputes;
  • Injunctions;
  • Litigation.

The lawyers at Australian Law Group have proven experience in dispute litigation, appearing in the Supreme Court, District Courts, Appeal Courts, Family Court, Federal Courts, Local and Magistrates Courts and specialist tribunals.

When Australian Law Group represents you, we will get you a great result without having to go to the relevant court and tribunal. However should your case proceed to court Australian Law Group will obtain the best possible result for you.

We think innovatively and our litigation and dispute teams can determine the necessary tactics to succeed at court. We also have access to the top barristers in QLD and NSW who can assist in the process.

We recognize that litigation must be based soundly on commercial priorities to protect your rights or business. This view is required given the very high costs of litigating your matter to and through the trial process.

Australian Law Group handles increasingly complex, valuable and sizeable disputes for our clients. Although we do not shy away from going to court in most cases it is an advantage for the client if you can settle early to avoid the stress and costs of litigation. Australian Law Group settled over 95% of their disputes in 2015 which has avoided clients spending thousands of dollars on further litigation. However, you must get into a strong position, in most cases, before the matter can settle.

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